We have a wiener

Ryanna Fillmore

Courtesy Of Ryanna Fillmore

Twenty-three-year-old Chico State University student Ryanna Fillmore was born and raised in Chico. She is majoring in Health Science and, as would be expected, is very health-conscious. Her hobbies include hiking; biking; swimming; socializing and running in Upper Park. You may recognize her name from those F.K.O. radio commercials starring “Ryanna and Abby.” Ryanna leads an extremely busy life with school and work, but she has somehow managed to devote some time to the biggest love of her life—Nelly. Nelly is her dachshund “wiener” dog who takes the spotlight in a new Dachshund club formed by Ryanna and her friend Elaine. For more information on the club, e-mail her at Rybaby18@aol.com

When did you start this dog club?

Our first meeting was on Nov. 6 at Hooker Oak Park and we will continue to have one meeting every month.

How many members are there?

The club is too new to tell.

What inspired you to start a dog club?

I didn’t start it alone, but The Sunday Pug Club inspired us to do it. They’re a pretty big club and they have a lot of fun. I thought to myself, “There are a large number of dachshunds in Chico.” Then I ran into this lady named Elaine at F.K.O who also wanted to start a club so we decided to do this together.

What types of activities will you do in this club?

We are still in the early planning stages so ideas and events may change. We’ll dress up the dogs and do many different activities in the park. I want to make festive holiday costumes as well. We are all going to just get together and socialize. These club meetings are not limited to Dachshund owners only. Everyone is welcome.

How did Nelly come into your life?

My best friend’s cousin had a dachshund while we were growing up. I loved it so I decided back then that when I grew up and got my own place I would get a dachshund. The time came so I called a vet to have him recommend a breeder, and within that week I had Nelly. She was six weeks old and very tiny. Her nickname was Nervous Nelly but she grew out of that and now she thinks she can take on anything. She’ll be 2 years old in February.

What do you like the most and least about the breed?

They are really smart dogs. She learns things very fast and even if she doesn’t listen to me, she still understands, she is choosing not to listen. She watches T.V. and will bark at any animals shown on the screen. She’s just a fun dog. Sometimes I take her to the park and she’ll run with me for like five miles. The thing I like least about the breed is that it was a little difficult to potty train her at first. I read about that in a book as well so I know it isn’t just my dog—it’s the breed. Sometimes she’ll get too excited and she’ll piddle a little.

Does Nelly do any cool dog tricks?

Yeah, she can sit, stay and roll over. She can sit up and she can shake. Her favorite—or mine—is when she rolls over.