We Disappear

Like clockwork, The Thermals release a new record of scrappy, catchy punk songs every few years, usually hinged on a theme, be it love and death, or the apocalypse and fascism. The heady topics are the perfect counterbalance to the Portland trio’s bouncy punk rock, and The Thermals have delivered again with We Disappear. Love, death and being human permeate these 10 tracks—it sounds like similar terrain, but The Thermals also manage to mix new dynamics into their sound. “Years in a Day” and “The Great Dying” are moodier and slightly noisier, while “Hey You” carries a slightly more musty garage scent. “Into the Code” and “The Walls” are comfortably Thermals, with Hutch Harris’ nasally vocals buzzing over minor-chord riffs. Producer and former Death Cab For Cutie guitarist Chris Walla gets a punchy mix out of this set, nicely isolating Kathy Foster’s bass from the fuzz. It’s business as usual for The Thermals—and business is good.