Post Pop Depression

Iggy Pop has led a life of detours and reinventions. But even when he does go down a certain path—be it with Bowie, or the B-52s’ Kate Pierson—it’s still 100 percent Iggy. Over the past few years, the ironclad frontman found closure with his earliest music project The Stooges—with mixed results. This time around, Pop has found Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, and together they’ve made his best rock album in decades. Post Pop Depression doesn’t simply plunk down in the punk sump. Instead, it’s a playful and loose stroll through different styles and textures, from the plastic soul of “Gardenia” to the druggy desert vibe of “Vulture.” Pop’s crustier croon serves the songs well, and his lyrics are still cheeky even when dealing with what feels like a shirtless punk writing his final chapter. The irony is that Post Pop Depression might just be a new beginning.