Taking its name from a Django Reinhardt tune, this fearless foursome consists of violinist Jason Anick, Finnish guitarist Olli Soikkeli, second guitarist Max O’Rourke and bassist Greg Loughman. While Rhythm Future Quartet’s 2013 debut album was more about gypsy jazz, here the focus is more on the group’s original music, which is inspired by both gypsy jazz and its worldwide travels. Loughman’s “Iberian Sunrise” opens the album, and we’re quickly drawn into Reinhardt’s milieu by Soikkeli’s blazing guitar solo followed by Anick’s equally hot improvisation à la the QHCF’s Stéphane Grappelli. Soikkeli opens his “For Paulus” in a relaxed manner before being joined by Anick and—blam!—we’re in the gypsy-jazz world again; then Sokkeili gets his Django groove going, and they’re both on fire when trading choruses (an effective device they use elsewhere). Soikkeli’s “Bushwick Stomp” is another barn burner, and Anick’s soulful violin is featured on his “Still Winter.” This is a terrific album that’s both sweet and lively.