Rated 1.0

What can be said about this movie starring Jason Statham as an FBI agent with a grudge and Jet Li using a gun instead of kicking his enemies in the head? Nothing good; that much is certain. The title of the film, War, suggests something epic. Quite the contrary here, though at least there is more than one battle being waged. The first is between yakuza gangs in San Francisco who are fighting over honor and a couple of golden horses. The second, more significant, war is between Statham’s character, Jack Crawford, and Rogue (Li), a yakuza hit man who killed Crawford’s partner. As the stone-faced Crawford draws closer to his target the action and suspense build, but unfortunately never to a level even worthy of the big screen. On top of all the aforementioned mediocraty the film ends with a positively laughable twist that proves without a doubt that you just wasted far too much time and money on what can be best described as pure crap.