Walmart’s health booths

Big-box store set to unveil self-service health kiosks

Walmart and Sam’s Club are set to debut approximately 2,500 self-service health kiosks in stores across the country.

The kiosks will offer various health tests for blood pressure, eyesight and obesity, as well as offer advice on dietary issues, pain management, vitamin consumption and locating a doctor, according to Kaiser Health News.

Developed by SoloHealth, the kiosks also will include smoking-cessation tips, diabetes testing and programs designed to help people enroll in health plans. However, privacy concerns have been raised. “You have a situation where a patient is voluntarily disclosing information, which means there is no privacy protection, generally,” said Mark Savage, a senior attorney for Consumers Union. “They may not know if the information is being kept and might be used weeks or years after.”

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