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Spring/Summer 2005

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So you’re in Chico. If you live here, you love it. If you’re just visiting, prepare for a summer romance. There’s something about Chico that takes hold of people and won’t let them go. It could be the laid-back, college-town atmosphere. Or the thriving, historic downtown. Or it could just as easily be Bidwell Park, the Sacramento River and the rest of the environs that make the area a nature-lover’s dream. Or maybe you’re just here for the great Sierra Nevada beer. Whatever your reason for being in Chico, we welcome you.

This town has its own unique identity. It’s one of those places, getting harder to find these days, where strangers greet you on the street. We suspect you may want to stick around for a while, which is why this Visitor Guide, brought to you by the News & Review, Chico’s award-winning weekly newspaper, includes information for those looking to settle here permanently.

This community of 100,000 people is cozy, but there’s no lack of things to do in this classic American college town. Use this guide to find special events, everyday adventures and our favorite places to get away from it all. 1 Intro

Spring and Summer Highlights
Sure, it gets hot in Chico, but never too hot to get out and have some fun at a special event.

Photo By Tom Angel

* Chico Facts
What is Chico made of? This section will get you up to speed on politics and demographics, and also provide the how-tos for everything from paying bills to catching the bus.

What have you gotten yourself into?

The Outlaws
After two sad seasons without a professional baseball team, Chico finally has one. The Outlaws are coming to town, bringing skilled players and kid-friendly mascot Rascal the Raccoon.

It’s the heart of Chico, full of energy from morning to night. Whether you’re shopping or enjoying the nightlife, it’s the place to be.

Chico wouldn’t be Chico without its state university. It provides economic vitality and intellectual inspiration in one naturally gorgeous package.

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* Education
Chico has exemplary K-12 schools, both public and private. We give you the rundown.

Bidwell Park
Expect your in-town friends to bring you here first thing. It’s the pride of Chico, with something for everyone. In you’re here in spring, don’t miss the wildflowers in Upper Park.

Chico has an ample supply of motels and bed-and-breakfast inns, so you won’t find yourself crashing on your friend’s couch.

Whether you’re into hiking, picnicking, golfing or just exploring, Chico is the perfect jumping-off point for a day trip.

Who needs the big city, with Chico’s wide variety of shops, from mom-and-pop boutiques to all the favorite chain stores.

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Kid Friendly
A place for kids? Chico has plenty to make the little ones feel welcome.

* Health and Wellness
Whether you’re sick or well, Chico has your health care needs taken care of.

Senator Theatre
The historic Senator is being renovated, and it’s looking more majestic by the minute. Meet the man behind the project, Eric Hart.

If it’s nightlife you want, it’s nightlife you’re going to get. From country to Western—just kidding—from country to rock to punk, you’ll find it at one of Chico’s many venues.

Wine & Dine
Looking for something tasty? You’re in luck. Chico has a wide variety of food choices, and our list is categorized for your convenience.

* These “Relocation Guide” sections are especially for readers new to town.

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