Unexamined Life

If you happened to miss The Brodys two weekends ago at LaSalles, don’t worry. The four-piece plays Chico frequently. In the meantime, the Davis-based band has released its third CD, one filled with the usual high-energy, riff-fueled goofiness. Consider the group an even quirkier, mutated hybrid of Cheap Trick and The Ramones, yet possessed of a distinctly modern edge. Still, fun is The Brodys’ main goal, and most of the cuts here deliver. The title track jump-starts the proceedings with a quick, crunchy guitar riff underpinned by a gargling wah pedal. Lead singer/guitarist/chief lyricist Tony Brody (as with The Ramones, each member has adopted the same surname) ironically intones on the chorus, "Sometimes it’s easier to live in an unexamined life," seemingly opposing Socrates’ old observation: "The unexamined life is not worth living." The lyrics actually back up Socrates, however, as the narrator unwittingly exposes what a humdrum existence he leads. Other highlights: "Rio Linda," "Sunset Mess Around," "Doll House" and "Next Life." So grab this CD and enjoy it until the band hits town again.