Victory at Sea performs at Moxie’s Café in Chico on Sunday, Oct. 14.

The Boston trio Victory at Sea make fairly interesting, morose, meandering electric music for the bookworm set—yet in a math-rock style (see odd time signatures) already nailed by Slint a while back. One of the positive aspects of this band is the excellent drumming of Fin Moore (my co-worker compares him to The Who’s Keith Moon), though his complex playing tends to contrast oddly (at times) with the slow and basic guitar arpeggios. Lead singer Mona Elliott (guitar/vocals) stays somewhat restrained in her singing, alternating between monotone and lovely, while her playing can get aggressive. But the best songs here are the lullabye-like moments of quiet beauty. It should be a good live show for fans of darkly contemplative indie music (the group reminds me of a mixture between Low and A Minor Forest).