Under where?

Final Dik Diks show is pink panty party good

THONG SONG Hawnay Troof and “Chip,” the bravest of fans.

THONG SONG Hawnay Troof and “Chip,” the bravest of fans.

Photo By Tom Angel

Hawnay Troof, Dik Diks & Slow Down Theo Fulcrum Records, Thurs., Aug. 5

There’s a reason why nearly every reviewer who’s witnessed Chico’s Dik Diks compares lead singer Micah Warren to a young Iggy Pop: He has the same guilty grin, raucous stage persona and unrefined vocals.

Combine his embodiment of raw sexuality and pure energy with the other three extraordinarily talented members of the band, and you’ve got one of the most promising local bands in years.

Unfortunately, they are no more.

The Dik Diks played their last show Thursday night—celebrating bassist Raphael di Donato’s departure for a year in Florence, Italy—at Fulcrum Records with Slow Down Theo and Hawnay Troof.

Slow Down Theo opened with a sound much more mature than the members’ obvious youth. The singer’s thick baritone wavered over militarily staccato drum beats and repetitive guitar strains.

Discounted tickets were given to those in their underwear (in a nod to the visiting Hawnay Troof), so many audience members stripped down to their skivvies, and four of five Dik Diks were in theirs by the start of the set.

Front man Warren wailed and lashed into the audience, while di Donato and guitarist Ryan Allbaugh took turns violently rocking on either side. And with Curtis Zinn filling in on drums, the band had never sounded better.

Through a dozen songs, the Dik Diks passed through many genres of musical influences—from psychedelic to metal, ‘80s New York punk to ‘60s rock ‘n’ roll.

Those who stayed for Hawnay Troof can bear witness to the kind of sexy, silly bubblegum dance party that the band is known to inspire.

Featuring Vice Cooler and ex-Bratmobile member Baby Donut (Alison Wolfe) in matching pink tops and black undies, the duo paired their high-pitched sing-alongs with the hip-hop beats of a drum machine (sounding remarkably similar to Retard Disco label mates Gravy Train!!!), and between songs they praised Chico for being the kind of place where a bunch of kids can hang out in their underwear together.