Under the World

If you’re looking for a dose of dark, industrial pop, VOWWS can likely provide. The L.A.-via-Australia duo split time between New Paltz, N.Y., and L.A. to create their newest album, taking more initiative on the production side to make it their own. On the surface, these songs are electric-driven, with angular rhythms and steel-cold tones. However, the crew drew influence from an array of styles- some old western tones, a little metal, some cinematic work—and somehow it all fits. Songs like “Charm and Demand” float over a dark electric groove, jolted by vocally disconcerting interludes that feel like strange syncopations, while the last track, “Game,” has the kind of subtle cyclical growth that feels right out of a thriller’s closing credits. One of the peppier tracks, “One or the Other,” has a little bit of an ’80s new wave feel, albeit extremely slowed down. It’d be hard to determine a standout track, so probably best to start from the top.