Some people might know Max Minardi as part of Chico’s vibrant musical community. But if you haven’t crossed paths, that might be because Minardi’s been busy, averaging 150 shows per year, most on the road. After a busy 2017 touring the U.S. and U.K., Minardi recorded his newest EP, Stories, which exudes a well-worn feel of songs sung day after day. The record kicks off on a bright and chipper folk note with “Stories,” with light snare brushed beneath an airy fingerpicked melody as Minardi’s country-tinged voice moves up and down like rolling hills. On “Lately,” he expands into folk rock with a wide-open tune featuring tasteful drums and hazy background vocals and Minardi’s rich vocals, while the uptempo “I’ll be Mine” has a strong pop hook, with punchy drums, understated piano, peppy background vocals and a surprising synth solo. The highlight is the sunny, harmony-driven closer, “Young & Green,” a folk-pop raver that conjures images of Nor Cal life: “We ran through the forest and back to the stream/where we drowned our demons and found our peace.”