Ultra-processed, ultra-unhealthy

Study finds link between processed foods and mortality

Many probably can file this missive under, “Yeah, duh,” but if you’re a connoisseur of microwave popcorn, granola bars and frozen dinners, listen up. A major French study recently published in JAMA Internal Medicine has found a link between the consumption of ultra-processed foods and a higher risk of death. The study monitored the diets of tens of thousands of middle-age French people between 2009 and 2017, and found there’s a 14 percent higher risk of dying an early death with every 10 percent increase in the consumption of ultra-processed foods. The relationship between diet and disease is complex, and more research is needed, but your body will thank you for checking nutrition labels for high fats, salt, sugars and things you can’t pronounce. Make fresh, simple ingredients a focus. Chop some veggies, use the stove, learn how to braise. The kitchen is fun!

Source: JAMA Internal Medicine