Plasma power

Become a regular blood donor

The immediate tragedy and aftermath of the Camp Fire caused a surge in demand for blood donations, and throughout Northern California, generous people heeded the call to help get us through. But there is a constant need for blood at hospitals and treatment centers. Transfusions are needed after serious injuries and surgeries, sometimes after child birth, and for people with anemia and blood disorders. People suffering iron deficiency receive red blood cells to increase their hemoglobin and iron levels. Chemotherapy patients need platelets to stay healthy. And plasma is used for patients with liver failure, severe infections and serious burns. Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood, and a single donation can potentially save up to three lives. Interestingly, some people—such as those with hemochromatosis, a condition arising from excessive iron absorption—actually experience health benefits from giving blood. Almost 40 percent of the population can donate, but only 10 percent actually do. If you can, consider regular donations. Orchard Hospital takes blood donations in Gridley and Oroville, BloodSource has donation centers in Chico and Yuba City, and the Red Cross has a blood drive finder online (

Source: Orchard Hospital & Red Cross