Twittervention tracks Chico’s most popular Twitterers.

According to, a Web site that keeps track of the most popular twitterers on Twitter, the user with the most followers is pretty-boy actor Ashton Kutcher, with 4,457,443 people apparently interested in what the Dude, Where’s My Car? star has to say at any given moment—that’s a million-plus more followers than President Barack Obama (3,238,177). Twitterholic also narrows stats down to specific areas, including Chico. Most of the top area users are using the social-networking texting service as one component of their online business networking. The top bird, Mike Hill, is an online marketer who not surprisingly has nearly triple the number of followers as the next on the list, while spots two through four belong to Bob and Cat Hart and their exercise advocacy Web site

Top Chico Twitterholics

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Name (screen name) URL Followers 1. Mike Hill (MikeHill) 20,924 2. Robert Hart (rbodsbob) 7,311 3. Cathy Hart (rbodscat) 4,113 4. (rbods) 1,939 5. Debbie Brodie (hidebb) 1,816 6. Within Reach (withinreach) 1,436 7. Web420 (web420blog) 1,348 8. Butte Humane Society (buttehumane) 1,217 9. Valerie Reddemann (grndiva) 737 10. Alex Rich (CSKidd) 730