Tradin’ for treasures

Attention movie and music lovers, gamers and readers: Get any media stuff over the holidays that you’re just not into and you can’t return? Maybe your mom bought you a lame book about relationships. Or perhaps Grandpa and Grandma sent you an album of Kenny G’s greatest hits.

Instead of letting those items collect dust on your living room shelves or cobwebs in some well-hidden nook, try finding them a new home and getting something in return., a Web site promoting reusing, allows its members to unload unwanted books, CDs, DVDs and video games while picking up something they want. Users simply list their desires and what they have to swap, and the site does the matchmaking.

Memberships are free; users pay only for the shipping of their items. Big corporations probably loathe, which will make anti-consumers happy. So, go wild and stay guilt-free, for free!