Total rejection

The voters have spoken, as the pundits like to say, and a significant majority just told Arnold Schwarzenegger to get lost. The governor’s four special ballot measures were soundly tossed this week, including Prop. 76, which would have handed Schwarzenegger unprecedented power over the state Legislature. And that one went down most soundly with 62 percent of the voters saying no to the beefy governor’s power grab.

Voters also repudiated his plans to redraw California’s political map (59.5 percent against), silence union politics (rejected by 53.5 percent) and weaken school teachers’ job security (55.1 percent said forget it).

The other four ballot measures went down in flames as well, most likely victims of an angry electorate rejecting the whole enchilada of this special election. It will be interesting to see how the governor reacts to this absolute defeat of his agenda.

The message we hear: Schwarzenegger may be a charming personality, but he’s also a Republican governor ineptly presiding in a Blue state. Maybe it’s time to return to the silver screen.