Total program cuts (in billions): $12.890

$1.8 Cut spending for class-size reduction

$2.5 Cut K-12 and community colleges by 5 percent

$0.249 Discharge nonviolent inmates one year early

$0.058 Reduce overtime in the Department of Corrections

$0.556 Return undocumented inmates to home countries

$0.850 Cut state employees’ salaries by 5 percent

$0.325 Rescind recent raises for state employees

$2.1 Cut Medi-Cal

$0.133 Reduce Supplemental Security Income and State Supplementary Program grants for couples

$0.263 Suspend optional health services

$1 Cut Caltrans roadway preservation by half

$0.650 Cut Resources Agency by 10 percent

$1.9 Cut government waste

$0.506 Cut state courts