Total new revenue (in billions): $11.513

$3.9 Restore vehicle license fee to 1998 level

$1.7 Add $2.13-per-pack cigarette tax

$0.684 Add 4-cents-per-can soda tax

$0.3 Add $1-per-barrel oil-drilling tax

$0.4 Add 57-cent oil-refining tax

$0.350 Recover homeland-security costs from federal government

$0.151 Increase University of California and California State University fees by 10 percent

$0.176 Add California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection rural fire-protection assessment

$0.022 Add fees for logging-permit review

$1.150 Add two top income-tax brackets

$2 Extend sales tax to amusement parks and recreation services

$0.5 Suspend manufacturer’s investment credit

$0.180 Suspend teacher tax credit