Topping the sin-o-meter

California ranks third for sinful spending

With Mardi Gras on the horizon, the finance wizards over at WalletHub analyzed spending habits on “sinful” pursuits, broken down by state. Turns out California ranks No. 3 overall when it comes to sinful spending, behind Florida and Nevada. According to the study, Californians spend more on lust (ranked No. 2) and vanity (No. 3) than residents of most other states. Among the criteria included were the number of violent crimes per capita (highest was Alaska) and the number of beauty salons (New York was top, with California coming in fifth). Here are the top-spending states in the “sinful” categories analyzed.

Anger and hatred: Tennessee

Jealousy: Florida

Excesses and vices: Ohio

Greed: Nevada

Lust: Texas

Vanity: New York

Laziness: West Virginia