Strengthening the herd

Still room to improve for immunization of kindergarteners in Butte County

With measles back on the radar in California, parents and physicians are once again shining a light on immunizing children in the state. Despite vaccine requirements for school attendance, many California children receive medical exemptions and therefore are vulnerable when such diseases do make an appearance (see “Shot wave,” Healthlines, page 12). Here in Butte County, the majority of schools have achieved 95 percent or higher vaccine rates for kindergarteners. Here are the ones that haven’t, according to, a program of the California Department of Public Health.


Citrus Avenue Elementary: 94 percent

Marigold Elementary: 94 percent

Blue Oak Charter: 79 percent

Wildflower Open Classroom: 73 percent

Core Butte Charter: 51 percent


Stream Charter: 90 percent

Learning Community Charter: 74 percent

The Ridge (pre-Camp Fire)

Pine Ridge, Magalia: 91 percent

Children’s Community Charter, Paradise: 91 percent

Paradise Elementary: 92 percent