The Ultimate Collection

This two-disc effort at collecting Ray Davies’ best Kinks’ cuts has its moments.

The Pye/Reprise era (1964-1970) is the most thoroughly covered, presenting all the hit singles ("You Really Got Me” through “Lola"), some flipsides ("See My Friend,” “Plastic Man,” etc.) and studio cuts (the original, pre-Hermits version of “Dandy"). The late-'70s, early 80s Arista years are handily suggested with disco-metered “Superman” and on through to riff-rocking “Do It Again.”

Only the band’s early-to-mid-'70s RCA material is skimped, represented with only two tracks—"Celluloid Heroes” and “Supersonic Rocket Ship.” It would seem a third disc would be required to do adequate justice to Davies and company. At least.