The tolls of war

Iraq war protestOct. 23, 2004.

Iraq war protestOct. 23, 2004.

Photo By Kevin T. Houle

This issue of the News & Review takes a look at the American lives lost in the war in Iraq. All 3,149 of them thus far. Here’s a look at the number of Americans killed during previous wars in U.S. history, compared with those killed so far in the Iraq war.

WarYearsNumber servingCasualties
World War I1917-184,743,826116,708
World War II1941-4616,353,659407,316
Korean War1950-535,764,14336,916
Vietnam War1964-738,752,00058,193
Persian Gulf War1991467,939299
Iraq War 141,0003,200

Source: The World Almanac