Where we stand

Abortion: It’s one of those touchy subjects that often gets people all riled up. In this issue of the CN&R, columnist Anthony Peyton Porter weighs in on his views (see From The Edge on page 47). Here’s what the U.S. public thinks, according to Gallup Polls, which suggest that many people base their beliefs on religion or party affiliation. Those who are very religious, for example, are more likely to be anti-abortion; Democrats are more likely to be pro-choice.

53% Identify themselves as pro-choice

42% Are anti-abortion

37% Think abortion laws should be stricter, with 23% saying they should be less strict and 36% wanting them to stay the same

53% Say abortion should be legal only under certain circumstances

32% Want Roe v. Wade to be overturned; 55% do not

35% Are in favor of outlawing abortion in their state; 60% are opposed

Source: www.galluppoll.com

(The polls cited here are the most recent results, from either January 2007 or May 2006.)