The Sore Losers

Vista Street

Wanna drop by a freaky-deaky roadhouse with a Betty Page peepshow, a rockabilly house band and bottles of Robitussin as the drink du jour? Where comic-book colors bleed through an acid-smear fishnet-stocking world? If you have a tolerance or even fondness for low-budget hipster trash, then this wigadelic relic is the sick puppy for you. Seeming as if it were thrown together after a John Waters binge with The Cramps as a chaser, The Sore Losers posits that there is intelligent life somewhere out there, as a gone-daddy killer of beatniks returns to Earth in his roadster UFO (with tailfins, natch) to kill some hippies after a 40-year absence. Joining the ET-JD on his quest are a Prince look-alike and a chubby, red-haired harpy dressed in PVC as they try to track down a 14th victim to cancel the 13th. Make sense? Of course it doesn’t … this is a world that has pornmeister David F. Friedman as God and more fetish gear than Jerry Falwell’s closet. Worth a rental just for the appearance of Japanese rawk gods Guitar Wolf as the Men in Black, and a catfight to the death in an electric chair.