Snakes on a Train

The Asylum Home Entertainment

“100 Trapped Passengers … 3,000 Venomous Vipers” screams the garish DVD cover for Snakes on a Train. Yep, in that fine ol’ Roger Corman tradition of throwing out a drive-in knockoff to suck off some of the ballyhoo floating around whatever Hollywood big-budget success was raking it in at the time, comes the latest from Grade Z.5 genre distributor The Asylum, also known for its creative efforts Pirates of Treasure Island and The Da Vinci Treasure. And so, as these efforts rarely live up to their promises, here we have a handful of real and CGI constrictors (not vipers) menacing a trainload (well, 10 or so people instead of a hundred) headed from Mexico to L.A. Also on board is a stowaway with a curse that causes her to vomit the aforementioned scaly critters. Fairly slow-moving, but delivers in the final half-hour leading to a complete WTF?! climax that I guarantee Snakes on a Plane didn’t even consider. Perfect for a tequila-fueled MST3K-styled gathering.