The Simpsons Movie

Rated 4.0

How is it? It’s funny as hell. It’s a given that Homer Simpson is the most dysfunctional father ever, and here he ups the self-centered ante by creating such an enormous environmental stink that he alienates his long-suffering family and dooms the entire town of Springfield to government-sanctioned annihilation. It’s a predictably insane ride to redemption for Homer, and as you hang on, the hilarious one-liners are constant (“I was elected to lead, not to read,” says President Schwarzenegger), as are a succession of classic Springfield moron-think asides (Chief Wiggum eating free donuts off the barrel of his pistol and nearly shooting his face off)—and, of course, there’s also Homer’s Spider Pig. It’s exactly like an episode of the TV show, only three times as long and with more crisp animation and no commercials.