Hot Rod

Rated 2.0

Somehow, the dudes responsible for the YouTube-friendly rap ode to geek ethos “Lazy Sunday” have managed to parlay the cult following of the SNL video into a feature-length movie. The result is something that looks like it escaped YouTube and won the lottery (Pick Five, not the big one). The eponymous Hot Rod is one of those floppy-armed, pigeon-toed manboys that still hasn’t figured out whether they want to be an early-career Adam Sandler or Will Farrell when he grows up, and spends the interim as a Napoleon Dynamite knock-off with Evel Knievel-on-a-moped aspirations. One of those underachiever comedies that is so stupid you can hear your brain cells popping like you’re tap dancing on bubble wrap, but as the gray matter shrinks, the movie begins to get funnier. Not funny enough to pay full price for, but at least funnier than that wretched Knocked Up.