The Planetary Omnibus

Before Iron Man launched the most recent trend in superhero movies in 2008—even before X-Men greased the gears in 2000—the comic book community was a very different world. In this omnibus—a collection of the entire 27-issue run of Planetary (1998–2009) as well as crossovers with Batman, JLA and The Authority—we’re shown a side of superheroes rarely seen on the silver screens of summer. These adventures—about a group of super-powered mystery archaeologists—avoid the villain-a-month approach, and instead focuse on one magnificent universe-threatening story that’s a mash-up between The Twilight Zone, The X-Files and Torchwood. Writer Warren Ellis’ world draws on comic and sci-fi history but creates something unique, unfolding the main story slowly so that every twist, turn, terror and triumph ferments in readers’ minds before reaching a boiling point. John Cassaday’s art could serve as a syllabus for Comic Art 101. He gives the panels life and flow, filling each with small touches and big wonders. From the power of a single panel to the effects one series can have on an industry, to understand what the comic medium has to offer, look no further than this Planetary guide.