All You Could Ask For

Mike Greenberg has been a sports commentator on ESPN TV and Radio for a couple of decades. While working as one half of the popular national morning radio show Mike and Mike, Greenberg had also penned a pair of sports-related New York Times best sellers. All You Could Ask For is his first novel and it is a departure for him, and definitely exists as a more meaningful piece of work. The story revolves around three women during extremely different parts of their lives: a young newlywed, a 40-year-old mother, and a business exec. Their common denominator is that they all develop some form of cancer. Their lives become intertwined (for better or worse) in some complicated and unexpected ways, and along the way Greenberg showcases an admirable ability to create realistic characters with story arcs that don’t always work out perfectly, just like in real life. Greenberg wrote the novel for family friend Heidi Armitage, who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in early 2009 and passed away less than a year later. As an additional honor to Armitage’s legacy, 100 percent of the profits from All You Can Ask For go directly to the V Foundation for Cancer Research to help fight breast cancer.