The Mind of the Soul: Responsible Choice

Gary Zukav’s The Seat of the Soul simplified various ancient Eastern and Western teachings in terms of psychology and behavior, defining the relationship of the soul to the personality, recommending the practice of responsible choice, authentic power and co-creation. His latest book, The Mind of the Soul, asks the reader to apply these concepts and to keep a journal, to note successes in recognizing negative habits or emotions as they arise, and to consciously decide not to respond in the usual, counterproductive way. The insights and advice on topics such as intention, attraction, karma, love, will, addiction, fear, anger and jealousy are written eloquently and simply. For example, we should recognize anger as it arises but choose not to act angrily; we should realize that temptation is merely “a dress rehearsal for a negative karmic event” and need not automatically play it out in real life. The idea is that the result of our consciously choosing rightly will be to co-create and participate in a world of harmony, cooperation, sharing and reverence for life.