Gangsta Rap Coloring Book (reissue)

Aye Jay

It’s been about two years since local freelance artist/rapper Aye Jay Morano first dropped his self-published Gansta Rap Coloring Book, creating a small, but swift buzz in Chico and throughout the greater hipster underground as it was distributed to music and book stores around the country. San Francisco’s Last Gasp publishing house has taken over production and just released an impressive, glossy, bound reissue of Aye Jay’s homage to rap’s most controversial sub-genre. With 28 more pages than its predecessor, there are twice as many ganstas to color in and an intro by underground rap figure J-Zone, who gives a quick rundown of the music’s history and influence. Also included are a handful of celebrity testimonies (“I guess I need to get me some crayons”—Dischord Records’ honcho Ian Mackaye) and a blow-by-blow “glossary” of all the featured rappers by writer Sacha Jenkins, who sums up things nicely by quoting “pranksta rap” troupe Son of Bazerk: “What else could be better, bitch?”$8.95 at 1-800-848-4277 or