The Maytones

Their Greatest Hits

Aston “Familyman” Barrett of Wailers infamy describes differences between modern hip-hop-infused sounds coming out of Jamaica and their pastoral roots-reggae predecessors as similar to differences between “city and country music.” Generally, the latter is preferred in Northern California. And few sweeter examples exist than these works from the Maytones. Hailing from rural May Pen in the parish of Clarendon, Vern Buckley and Gladstone Grant honed their harmonies with producer Alvin “G.G.” Ranglin, crafting a mournful yet uplifting sound perfectly suited to themes of struggle in life: “Madness,” “One Way” and “Do Good” plead for love and upright living. The hit “Money Worries” is extended here and features the late I-Roy. Pure gems throughout, including unreleased tunes and alternate versions. To quote local roots-reggae guru Sanjay Devastation, “This DJ highly recommends it.”