The Invisible

Rated 3.0

Once you get over the heavy-handed emo shtick, The Invisible is actually a tolerable piece of teenybopper melodrama. A mopey kid is all set to vacate his lap of luxury and head off to London to start off on a new life, but instead finds himself hanging on to the fringes of life itself after being brutally beaten and thrown down a rural stormdrain. Unseen by all, he haunts the proceedings as investigators try to track his body down and his assailants scurry to cover their tracks. At times too self-aware for its own good, with an indie rock soundtrack thrown in for cred that threatens to overwhelm the proceedings, nonetheless, The Invisible manages to find its course about halfway through and becomes tolerable … sort of like Garden State if something had actually happened. While falling just short of being compelling, it still manages a couple of turns enough to keep it interesting.