The Holiday

Rated 3.0

The Holiday Should a breakup/heartbreak occur during the holidays, what better way to mend than to go someplace far, far away from anything that might be a reminder of that lost love? That’s the answer to two very different women’s man problems in The Holiday. Cameron Diaz plays Amanda, an L.A. film-industry exec who kicks out her cheating boyfriend just days before Christmas. Kate Winslet is Iris, a London journalist who lives in a quaint little cottage in the countryside. She learns that her ex-boyfriend is engaged and decides to get away for a few weeks. They arrange to exchange houses, cars, etc., online, and the romantic adventure begins, with Amanda meeting Iris’ charming brother (Jude Law) and Iris falling for Amanda’s ex’s buddy (Jack Black). The romances are sweet and for the most part feel natural. Winslet in particular plays lovelorn wonderfully, with an ex who refuses to leave her alone so she can get over him. The cutest moments in the movie, by far, aren’t between any of the lovers—they feature Iris and her new neighbor, who is about 95 years old. A delightful-enough, if somewhat rushed, romantic comedy.