The Feeling of Now

After getting shelved by Landspeed Records for higher-profile releases, it looked like the Boston/New York duo Raw Produce had been left in the lurch. Thankfully the rapper/producer team of Cadence and Pitch had a guardian angel in the form of Peter Agoston at Female Fun Records, who picked up The Feeling of Now. Though the CD has a smooth and jazzy, early-’90s feel to its production (influenced by producers like Pete Rock and Ali Shaheed Muhammed), it never feels dated. The lyrical content is both positive and confident in delivery: (from the title track) “You can make it to the top of the pile/through life’s trials/I’m about to show you how/That’s the feeling of now.” Their similar vocal tones complement each other and weave together well. While the first half has no guests, the second half features such indie-rap heavyweights as Def Jukie, Mr. Lif, Akrobatik, Mike Ladd and Esoteric. Raw Produce has put together a very solid debut, one that leaves you wondering where they might take their sound and lyrics in the future. I can’t wait.