David Cross

It’s Not Funny

It’s Not Funny glimpses comedian David Cross trimming away what slight fat bogged down parts of his Grammy-nominated album Shut Up, You Fucking Baby! Here he delivers riotous razor-sharp monologues that are brutally on target. One can almost hear Cross salivate when centering the majority of his attacks on post 9-11 blind frenzied patriotism and a Republican right that he lambastes as racist, sexist and homophobic. President Bush and his vision for America are often the thematic glue that connects much of Cross’s observations. Cross skeptically asserts that Bush will have no problem in pouring billions into our space program but fails to address our nation’s homeless problem (“We’re gonna put a man on the moon. … Let’s put a man in an apartment, how about that?”). Despite his political concerns, Cross is a cultural observer who finds the absurdity in all, including rock bands (Evanescence) and comic strips (Family Circus).