‘The Donald’ trumps enviros

Conservationists are sick about Scotland’s decision to OK the mogul’s planned golf resort

Multimillionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump got the nod from Scottish officials last week in his bid to build Europe’s largest golf and housing resort on what conservationists consider a sensitive coastal region.

Trump’s win comes after his two-year battle with environmentalists, who claim the country’s financial woes have led the government to cave into the project.

The planned resort was initially rejected last year by a local group charged with its consideration in Aberdeenshire, but the Scottish government took over the project when Trump threatened to take his $1.6 billion plan to Ireland, reported the Washington Post.

Trump claims the resort will be a cash cow for Scotland’s economy (to the tune of $100 million annually) and will create 1,400 full-time jobs. Meanwhile, conservationists say the environment will pay the price.