The disc-golf deal

Council should drive a hard bargain on Upper Park site

We don’t know about you, but we’ve been getting whiplash watching the Chico City Council flip-flop on disc golf in Upper Bidwell Park. One day it’s no way, another it’s A-OK, and another it’s compromise away.

The compromise, reached in January, was to split the baby by leaving the long course in place and relocating the short one. In April, the council approved a site near Caper Acres nominated by the Park Commission. But at its Tuesday (May 19) meeting the council reversed course once again, deciding (by a 5-2 vote) to drop the Caper Acres site and leave the short course in place on the Upper Park site for a period of five years, while it searches for a better site for the course.

Like it or loathe it, the decision resolves the issue, at least for now, and that’s a good thing. Chicoans are tired of it and want the council to pay attention to more important matters.

Short term, though, the city must sign a memorandum of understanding with the disc-golf group that will manage the site. That MOU should include an annual appraisal of how measures are working to mitigate the environmental impacts on the site and a provision that compels the city to shut down the operation if conditions don’t improve.

The disc golfers have said they’re confident they can make the site healthy. The city should hold them to it.