The Dark Stuff: Selected Writings on Rock Music

Nick Kent

Nick Kent manages to find the bright lights and redemptive spirit communicated through rock ’n’ roll music itself. Despite being attacked by a bicycle-chain-wielding Sid Vicious and surviving heroin addiction from his time covering the Stones, the author finds the experience empowering rather than debilitating. We find out why Syd Barrett was booted from Pink Floyd (four hits of acid in the A.M. and combining crushed tranquilizers with his Brylcream so that the stage lights would melt the concoction into his scalp). In another instance drug-obsessed Shane McGowan tried (and thankfully failed) to entice the Pogues to compose an Acid House number. Through Kent’s pen, what becomes sadly apparent is that the personality that the rock ’n’ roll lifestyle attracts is sometimes the easiest for it to annihilate.