Every Friday Night: My Year of Dating Misadventures

We’ve all been there, feeling the need for companionship or the urge to find a soul-mate. In Ritta McLaughlin’s Every Friday Night, the author takes matters in hand by going on a date every Friday night for one year. In this memoir of “dating misadventures,” she introduces us to Staggering Stu, not so much a date as a drunken mishap, and The Marauder, who stole her CD player and all the money from her wallet. We also meet Kurt, who could marry her if she got a boob job and dropped 20 pounds! With a wry sense of humor that kept me laughing throughout, McLaughlin shares her year of dating the strange, the eccentric, and the just plain weird. As her grandmother said, “It’s all beautiful till somebody loses an eye.” McLaughlin didn’t lose an eye, but she did lose any naïve hopes she had of finding happiness through other people.