Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

J. K. Rowling

This book was 870 pages, and every page was really good.

I really, really, really liked it. I even cried. The only reason I feel comfortable saying that is because I heard that J. K. Rowling cried, too.

When I hear the question, “Is it as good as the other books?” I feel like screaming. Gosh, if adults understood anything about Harry Potter books, they wouldn’t even think about asking that. One second I was cracking up, the next second I was frowning, and the next moment completely surprised.

In this book Harry learns why the Dark Lord Voldemort attempted to kill him as a baby, and why he failed. In the richest of all five books, love and loss walk hand in hand and death and acceptance run from each other. The big question is: Who dies? I can’t tell you. But as my classmate Vincent said when he read it, “That sucks so bad!”