War Talk

Arundhati Roy

In this collection of political essays, celebrated writer Arundhati Roy (The God of Small Things) tackles the horrors of global militarism and religious/racial violence with eloquence and heartfelt passion. Whether speaking about the nuclear standoff between her home country of India and Pakistan, the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat, or the U.S. war on terrorism, Roy uses her strengths as an incisive, economical writer to vividly illustrate atrocities while subtly examining her own role as an artist and citizen. (In light of nuclear threats, she mentions the most common question asked her, “Are you writing another book? That question mocks me.”) Elsewhere, she displays the gifts of a natural reporter with her intriguing coverage of India’s destructive hydroelectric-dam industry. Overall, a quick and thoughtful read from a world-class artist consumed with humanity’s potential and the character it takes to strive toward it.