The Bird and the Bee

Ray Guns are not Just the Future

The Bird and the Bee play The Independent in San Francisco Feb. 9.

Who are The Bird and the Bee? They’re singer Inara George and producer/instrumentalist Greg Kurstin, a duo based in Los Angeles. Who’s “the bird” and who’s “the bee”? She’s avian, he’s apiarian in this boundary-crossing band. They sound like a synth act on Prozac—a kinder, gentler Strawberry Switchblade. The vocals are sweet without turning saccharine; the melodies are catchy without being cutesy; the arrangements are clever without feeling cluttered; the beats are bouncy without getting rote. Case in point: “Love Letter to Japan,” the first single off their new disc, which leaps and bounds its way into audiographic memory. Other tracks do likewise: “My Love,” “Baby,” “Polite Dance Song,” album-title-referencing “Ray Gun.” The band’s profile got raised this past week with appearances on The Tonight Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live; if you didn’t catch ’em there, check ’em out online. This is a band worth hearing.