Cuesta Drive


Since releasing their first CD more than three years ago, Cuesta Drive has been so busy playing their music that they seemingly forgot to record any new tracks. However, after hearing this sophomore release, it’s apparent that the time was not wasted. In Sacramento, Cuesta Drive is a safe bet for a high-energy show fueled by rock and soul. Distractions is inspired by, if not born from, this nightly stage presence. If their first CD was what you listened to on your way to a summer party, Distractions would be the live music you were looking forward to upon arrival. Solid guitar riffs and a definitive rhythm lead the show, but subtle (and subtle is the key here) soul and funk influences keep it moving. Songs like “Wild On” and “Rollin’” recall the open genre of ’60s and ’70s rock ’n’ roll, one that embraced soul, funk and the blues. Led by Dane Drewis, Mike Camilleri and Tim Diedesch, Cuesta Drive loves to throw a few curves (hip-hop vocals on “Slightly Off,” for instance) but it’s always a ride worth taking.