The A-Team

Rated 1.0

The original A-Team was pretty weak tea in its own right. Taking out the commercials, the TV show took some doing even filling out its 45 minutes. Here, we have almost two hours and 100 million bucks to blow. And director Joe Carnahan blows it all up real good. Just not in a good way. It takes almost a third of the running time to get around to the boys getting sent to prison, this time after being framed for stealing the plates for printing U.S. currency. Then it’s on to … on to … well, more shit blowing up as they try to figure out who framed them. It all becomes very complicated. Not complicated as in having interesting twists, but complicated in a “What the F-Team is going on here?” sort of way. This is seriously one endurance test of CGI stunts, machine-gun editing and eardrum-blowing soundtrack as Liam Neeson and his fellow cast members chew the scenery, out-cartooning the caricatures their characters are based on. Feather River Cinemas, Paradise Cinema 7 and Tinseltown. Rated PG-13