Get Him to the Greek

Rated 3.0

Get Him to the Greek bills itself as a blatantly rambunctious comedy, and it makes good on all the promises of its taglines and promotional hooks. What’s surprising is that even with its low-comedy rowdiness and a thoroughly predictable story, it keeps a consistently fresh flow of comic action going full tilt, more or less, for nearly all of its 109-minute running time, and manages to have a good deal of quirky fun with its own rowdy premises as well. The basic story is a farcical road trip—dorky record-company errand-boy Aaron Green (rotund Jonah Hill) must corral dissolute British rocker Aldous Snow (spindly Russell Brand) and get him from London to Los Angeles for a Greek Theatre concert in three days’ time. It’s more or less a forgone conclusion that the manically sybaritic rocker and the eager-beaver company man will not have an uneventful journey to Los Angeles—there are too many sirens of rock-star excess and self-indulgence beckoning them into detours and delays along the way. Feather River Cinemas and Tinseltown. Rated R —