That was fast

Former Chico city manager leaves top job in Rancho Cordova after just a year

On Monday (June 29), nearly a year to the day after Brian Nakamura left the city manager position in Chico for the same job in Rancho Cordova, the City Council there unanimously accepted his resignation.

“The City Council’s decision was based on three factors,” reads a statement issued by Rancho Cordova Mayor Robert J. McGarvey. “1) the need for the City Manager to achieve more positive results; 2) the desire for the City Manager to restore the optimistic employee culture that had been established over a decade; and, 3) the commitment of the City to remain an employer of choice.”

Nakamura left Chico—his 10th job in 21 years—after less than two years on the job. He’d been brought in to solve the city’s financial woes and jumped ship after slashing department staff and budgets.