Temporary relief

Bathroom trial cut short but still needed, official says

A trial run to keep Chico City Plaza restrooms open around-the-clock ended early due to “unsustainable vandalism,” but was a valuable learning experience, according to Erik Gustafson, director of public works-operations and maintenance for the city.

That’s what he told the Internal Affairs Committee on Monday (Sept. 11). Downtown business owners expressed support for the trial and reported less human waste on their properties, he said, indicating that 24-hour bathrooms are needed downtown. But he suggested relocating them from City Plaza to the transit center on Second Street or the parking structure at Third Street.

Gustafson said that despite the early end to the 90-day trial, which began in January, the bathrooms have since been opened earlier (5 a.m. instead of 7 a.m., closed at 9 p.m.) since the end of the trial.