Teen wolf

When Animals Dream

Ends tonight, Sept. 3. Pageant Theatre. Not Rated.
Rated 4.0

The werewolf in this case is a teenage girl approaching adulthood, and the setting is a Danish fishing village. Marie (Sonia Suhl), whose family lives under some kind of curse that’s been visited upon her mother (Sonja Richter) in particular, goes to work in the local fishery, where she is promptly subjected to the twin brutalities of traditional hazing and bullying sexual harassment.

Soon enough, Marie finds clumps of hair growing near her breasts, and it becomes clear that there’ll be hell to pay for her tormentors. Daniel (Jakob Oftebro), the gentlest and best-looking of the guys at the fishery, does all he can to help her; her highly conflicted father (Lars Mikkelsen) is machismo-free, but still seems part of the problem.

There is some gore, of course, but the soft-focus realism and a darkly poetic glimpse of the social psychology of monsters is what I’ll remember about this brisk, memorable little film from Denmark.